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07.12.2018, Jamal Tuschick

At the time of our revolutionary start we did not yet have the internet. But now you have.

Christa Ritter und die Revolution

Christa Ritter und eine weitere Gesprächsteilnehmerin

In München gibt es seit zwei Jahren einen Talk von und mit Studenten und IT-Leuten aus allen möglichen Ländern: Lightening Talks Munich. Dort wollte ich mich unbedingt mal ausprobieren. Hat mir trotz enormem Lampenfieber (muß in Englisch sein, anschließend Fragen der Gäste), sehr viel Freude gemacht. Vor allem die anschließenden Gespräche mit den Gästen. Habe frei gesprochen, hier in etwa mein Talk.

Shitstorms, that’s how the light gets in.

We live in a time where medias report worldwide danger: We mass up the planet, the homo oeconomicus will never stop guzzling, his boundless ego kills the neighbor. Humans will never stop to be wolves.

That’s the bad news, daily.

But there is also good news: Hippies from California developed better computers and invented the internet, a virtual world that today connects everybody. Communication means love, wise people say. Could this tool therefore become a tool for everybody to enter a better world?

Hippies and tec? Yes, the Sixties movement started it all. At the time I was young and my generation all over the world suddenly lived in a kind of cloud, experienced a mysterious high for several months. Because we all suddenly felt like post-gender loving friends, I saw myself above womanhood: I could do anything in this crazy world, live it to the full. Nobody understood what this was. Then mystery was over and we all were back in our limited old dark world. What can we do? Our historic experience offered only one answer: Revolution changes the heads of leaders, but wars and injustice remain. To fundamentally change the world to a better place: Everybody had to change himself. What a great revolution: The private becomes politics! But pretty soon I fell in my first trap, the women’s movement: I as a woman do not exist, only men have to change, they are the warlords of this world and prevent my full life. Victimizing myself into a deadend street. To overcome my depression I tried a guru, I tried therapy and travelled to the east, but egocentric ambition and relationship were stronger. No love, no meaning. How will I ever get to know me?

An answer appeared: I met four women and one man and we began trying to work on us by changing our lives. With a lot of enthusiasm in the first years. Then I did not know about the inner rule: As soon as you want to leave the mothership your demons will show their ratfaces. After our enthusiasm they soon threatened each of us: Don’t you dare to start a journey into the inner world. You will never make it. I had never consciously rtealized female demons: jealousy, greed, rivalry, posessing the man by sex and the body. The most terrifying war broke out. The box of Pandora had opened. Since then these demons haunt me, on and off as a journey, I assume less and less through the years, hopefully out of my prison as a female victim.

At the time of our revolutionary start we did not yet have the internet. But now you have. And I think you should not hesitate to use this tool with all your heart, despite the demons of the warnings and restrictions of the old world of war. Okay, they are extremely powerful. But stay cool, go on sharing all your private datas with everybody in confidence. Give up believing in copyrights and data protection. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by those demons that always after first enlightment will start threatening. Shitstormers, haters, mobbing certainly will not stop hurting you. But even these ugly personal datas are a way of cleaning also your own inner wars. The rule says: On the way to love they need to be seen, heard and shared. These openly aggressive forces are necessary parts of anybodys private journey, and by exposing their black energy step by step it will become loving energy: Getting all the dirt out of one’s closets by openly posting. Stay tune exploring the dawn of a better world, where there is no shortage of resources but information and communication in abundance. The hippie vision might become reallity: The internet with its freedom of expression helps us on our personal journey to love.

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