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01.03.2019, Jamal Tuschick

8th March DEMONSTRATION in Berlin - United we get what we want

Call to all Women, Lesbian, Trans* and Inter

Around the world women* are rising up. They are leading the struggle against injustice. We live in a class society where women* are facing discrimination and oppression and are criminalized by the so-called justice system everywhere. Sexism puts us in an inferior position in each class, and race, colour, gender, age and even our bodies are used as a tool in a systematic effort to keep patriarchy in place. They do not exist separately from each other but are interwoven together. The essence of oppressive institutions can be seen in a women*s prison complex, where the exploitation of and violence against the body and mind of women* in all possible forms is reflecting the shit of society.


We believe that women’s* solidarity, self-organisation and self-defence is our strength in dismantling capitalism, which devours nature and all lives with wars, racist laws, the arms and weapons industry, human trafficking, border-politics, repressive consumer politics, reproductive control, alienation, competition and the greed and dominance of white cis-males in all spheres of life.
We organise against exploitation by a capitalist and imperialist system.

We stand up against sexism and misogynistic violence whether it is exercised by oppressive societies, dictatorial regimes or  white (In)Justice systems.
Even in spite of a rising right-wing and fascist turn in global politics we are standing hand-in-hand in struggle with our Sisters* around the world, on the borders, in boats on the sea, on the mountains, in prisons, in the Lagers, on the streets, in their own homes and working places.

We join hands in solidarity, and we struggle together because “no woman* is free while any Woman* is unfree.”
We call out to all Women, Lesbian, Trans* and Inter, especially Transwomen, Working Class women*, Refugee Women*, Black Women and Women* of Colour to take to the Streets together to show our determination and solidarity beyond borders. We will meet on 8th march 2019, at 3pm in front of the Women*s prison in Lichtenberg and march together to Warschauerstr.

+Bring your slogans and signs!
++CiS Men are not invited, they are advised  to take another action to stop violence against women*.

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